Ewan the Dream Sheep

Posted by Jane Wood on 5/4/2017
Welcome Ewan the Dream Sheep to our amazing family of wonderful items!  

Happy Easter from Gertie & Friends

Posted by Jane Wood on 4/16/2017
Gertie the Good Goose and her friend Portia the Polite Penguin would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter/Passover.  This is a special holiday for many.  Gertie is excited that she will get to look for easter eggs today, with her favourite baby to keep her company.  All you Gertie owning babies out there - take care of her..... she is a very good goose!  Keep safe.

Portia the Polite Penguin

Posted by Jane Wood on 4/11/2017
Portia the Polite Penguin
How in the world would we ever have guessed that Portia the Polite Penguin would be just as popular as Gertie the Good Goose?!  Gertie took the world by storm!!! She was so loved by babies in Canada, that we felt she needed to be shared with the US, the UK, Australia and China.  The rest of the world will soon have both Gertie and Portia too.  Their names will be known in most households... Make sure you get your hands on one of these two 'Friends' soon - you will not be sorry.